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How to add sound and background music to PowerPoint Presentations?
2009-10-12 08:04:39

Do you encounter that you have read the document, but still do not understand clearly with it? So you need to communicate with the presenter or author about some questions over the phone. The narration goes with the presentations take the presentation and training to modern times. With PPT2Flash Pro, the presenter is enabled to import the sound clip or narration from Microphone to live up the presentation and make the communication more effective. PPT2Flash Professional provides a menu which enables end users to import the audio clips or narrations just by one click. The following is a step-by-step tutorial of how to import the audio clips, background music to live up the presentation.

Import Audio clips and add Background Music:

1. Click "Import Audio" button on PPT2Flash Pro menu and go to "Import Audio" menu. There are two parts in this menu. The first part above is the manager of import the background music, and the second part below is the manager of the audio clips for each slide.

Import Audio from Add-In with PPT2Flash Professional

2. You could select "Background Music for the whole presentation" and then click to import the background music from local disk to the presentation. Import Background music and  audio clips to PowerPoint with PPT2Flash Professional

3. Select the slide which you want to import the audio clip, and then import the audio clip from local disk to the presentation. Click to download PPT2Flash Pro free trial and create Flash presentation now>>

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