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How to Convert WMV HDTV to FLV
2009-10-12 08:44:37

Wanna convert WMV HDTV to FLV video and share them on internet?Wanna enjoy them With Mp4 player? WMV HDTV Converter can help you. WMV HDTV Converter is a powerful but easy conversion tool which can perfectly and quickly convert WMV HDTV to FLV, convert WMV HDTV to AVI, convert WMV HDTV to Mp4 and other popular formats. However, this WMV HDTV Converter is very easy. Just a few clicks, you can finish the whole conversion. Only for Wondows OS, for Max OS click here.

Step 1: Free download and install the WMV HDTV Converter software, launch it.

WMV HDTV Converter

Step 2: Click Add WMV HDTV button to add WMV HDTV files, batch conversion is supported. You can add a bundle of WMV HDTV files once a time.

Step 3: Choose the output format and select output folder as what you want:

convert WMV HDTV to AVI

If you want to merge all added video files into one file, you can check the "Merge into one file" option.


Step 4: Click convert-m2ts" and start converting WMV HDTV videos automatically . See below:

convert wmv hdtv to flv

When the whole conversion is over, you can freely enjoy the converted files on youtube, Mp4 player, iPod, iPhone, etc. So easy WMV HDTV Converter! Free download this WMV HDTV Converter and have a try.

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