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Enjoy web videos on your mobile phone (supporting 3GP videos)
2009-10-09 09:03:32

This article introduces you a way to enjoy web videos on your mobile phone (supporting 3GP videos). First you must download web videos from internet to your PC, and then convert them into 3GP videos and save them in you mobile phone.

Who may need this article:

This article is especially for video lovers, who like enjoying videos for killing time. If you want to enjoy videos on your mobile phone, then let's start!

What are needed:

In this article, you will get to know: * How to download live videos (FLV) * How to convert FLV to 3gp file How to do it step by step ?

1. Download web videos (FLV): Launch Sothink Web Video Downloader, and open your browser to find online videos you are interested in.

Sothink Web Video Downloader will monitor your browser, detect live videos, and a notification will pop up to tell a live video is captured. (Note: By default, it auto-monitors browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Mathon. If you use none of these, you can change settings in Options)

You can preview the captured video to decide whether you want to download it or not. If you want to download it, just click on it, a window of New Download will pop up. Here you can specify a path to save the video, rename it, or add comment about the video. Then click "OK". It starts to download.


After it's finished, this notification will let you know.

Congratulations! Now you've download a video from Internet to your PC successfully. Repeat it; you will get more videos, because it can carry more than one download task at a time.

2. Convert FLV to 3GP After you get lots of funny and interesting videos in your PC, now it's time to convert them into 3GP videos. Launch Sothink Flv Converter, click the folder to open your downloaded video; or just right-click the video file and open with Sothink FLV Converter. And click 'Next".

Choose "3GPP Video" for "Convert to", and then specify your proper audio setting and video setting. Click "Next".

Conversion in Progress

Finished conversion

Now it's all done. Please save your 3GP video to your mobile phone, and enjoy it everywhere you like!


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