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How to convert avi to flash with full-screen Flash Player?
2009-08-08 21:04:25
AVI to Flash Converter is a good AVI to SWF and AVI to FLV Converter. The AVI to Flash Converter enables you to convert any popular video files like AVI, WMV, RM, 3GP, MOV, VOB, MPEG, ASF, FLV, etc to Flash Video or SWF for the Web publishing and streaming. It supports almost all types of video formats such as MPEG to Flash, AVI to Flash, MPG to Flash, WMV to Flash, RM to Flash, RMVB to Flash, MOV to Flash, ASF to Flash, MP4 to Flash, 3GP to Flash, etc. Meanwhile it can generate Flash movie (SWF) because the Flash player embedded in an HTML page for easier sharing and promotion on the web. Support AVC/H263/H.264, Flash 8 and Flash 8 alpha video encoding in addition to functions like video trimming, cropping, watermarking, and audio replacement, batch conversion, etc. The guide is to tell you how to convert avi to flash (avi to flv and avi to swf) Step 1, Free download AVI to Flash Converter Install and run it in your computer. Step 2, Import the source AVI video file into the program. Click on the add icon and an open "Import video"dialog box will pop up to help you get your source file. Once the source AVI file is imported into the program, it will be played in main interface. avi to flash converter Edit video. Type in the time with 00(hour):00(minute):00(second):0(millisecond), and then click "tick" after. 2. Play the video and, click the arrows after the "Start time" and "End time" respectively to set the time point. Click the "forward" and "afterward" for precise time. Crop: To get a video dimension, by two ways: a. Drag the dot frame on the playing pane. b. Type or select the values in the boxes for Top, Left, Right, and Bottom for the video dimension. Deinterlace: To remove the interlaces for the analog videos for better display on computer system. Cue Point Play the video, and at the time you want the Cue Point, click "plus" icon, and select "Add Event" or "Navigation" to your video to interact with another element on a web page. You may, for example, want to display text, synchronize with a Flash animation, seek a different point in time in the video, or switch to a different video file together. Step 3, Setting. Click the Next button; choose the export file type in the setting. you can choose to generate SWF file and generate FLV file, you can add video in the beginning or end of the source video as well as replacing the original audio with another one you want. avi settings Step 4, Choose flash player skins There are various Flash web player control bars wait for you to choose. Most of them support full screen play flv files, It helps you create wonderful web players for online publishing. Besides, preloader, special effects helps you to make a stunning video for your aim customers. flash player Step 5, Start Conversion Click on Start button and you are to encode the AVI file into the desired Flash file. start converting avi to flash Free download the AVI to Flash Converter and share by thousands of!

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