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How to convert flash(swf) to mpeg and burn swf files to DVD, VCD and SVCD
2009-10-12 08:28:30

FlashOnTV is a professional Flash to DVD burner designed for users who want to convert FLV to DVD, convert SWF to DVD and put their Flash files on DVD discs. FlashOnTV is a very easy to use Flash to DVD converter, it can burn Flash Video (FLV) and SWF to DVD with just a few clicks. watch yousr wonderful Flash videos on TV.

Step1. Free download Flash to MPEG DVD VCD Converter and launch it, you should select TV standard and background color. If you don't know which standard your country uses, you can just select your country and the program will help you choose the standard automatically. Choose the background color you like. In the interface of Folding Setting and Output format, you can choose the FlashonTV working folder, the folder where video files as mepg format will be saved and DVD, VCD or SVCD which format you want to change.

2. Choose Menu Designer, select your menu template, you can choose the present template or create by yourself. Also, you can download from website. If you want to change audio, you can select it from your hard driver as the back ground music. If you want to change template, you can add image and text to your menu template. The characters you imput in the text will display on the image. You can custom the menu image and drag the buttons and lie them anywhere you like. It feels good.

3. When everything is ready, preview it. You can preview it on your PC and it is what will be displayed on TV. Change it until every you think is fine.

4. Burn to DVD-R(W) or CD-R(W). Select your burner, write speed, disc type, write method, use Nero drive, record, copies, and output options. Finish these options and you can begin to burn your DVD/VCD.

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