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How to Convert SWF to FLA?
2009-08-08 21:04:25
Sothink SWF Decompiler is a professional Flash decompiler. In this tutorial, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to convert SWF to FLA files by Sothink SWF Decompiler. Preparation: In desktop of your computer, create a new folder and name it as "swftofla", and then put a Flash movie into it (we use snow.swf as an example). In the following tutorial, we will convert this snow.swf file to FLA format.

Step1: Open the SWF File that You Want to Convert

1. Launch Sothink SWF Decompiler. 2. From the "Explorer" window, browse to "swftofla" folder, and the snow.swf file is automatically appeared in the below panel. swf decompiler 3. Click on the snow.swf file, and then it will begin to play in the preview window. In "Resources" panel, click the "+" sign to expand the files, and then all of the elements contained in the SWF are analyzed and listed in this panel. swf to fla Step2: Export the snow.swf to a FLA File and View it in Adobe Flash 1. In the "Resources" panel, click "Export FLA". Now an Export FLA dialog is opened: decompile swf 2. In the Export FLA dialog, the target FLA file is named as ~snow.fla by default. You can choose to give it another name or not. Click "Browse" button to choose a directory for saving the ~snow.fla file. And then please specify appropriate settings and click "OK". Now a SWF Decompiler dialog is opened. decompile flash 3. In the SWF Decompiler dialog, choose FLA version for the exported ~snow.fla file and click "OK". And then another SWF Decompiler dialog is appeared: catch flash This new SWF Decompiler dialog prompts you that the ~snow.fla file has been exported successfully, and asks if you want to open it in Adobe Flash. 4. Choose "Yes" in the dialog. The Adobe Flash program is launched, and the exported ~snow.fla file is automatically opened in it. You can see that all of the layers are recovered, the symbols and AS are also completely decompiled. convert swf to fla Step3: Preview the Exported FLA File in Adobe Flash 1. In Adobe Flash, choose File -> Publish Preview -> HTML. Now the exported ~snow.fla is begin to play in a new opened HTML page, and you will find that it is the same with your original snow.swf file.

  • Wilma 2012-06-01 22:56:54 Says:
    Ahh.. ethics i dont see ahnntiyg wrong with Flash decompilers. If MM has made the format open then this is a fact of life. Frankly theres a lot of ethics involved in how ppl use ASV and the like. I have used ASV in my early Flash days to decompile others SWFs and see how they did things. I didnt steal i used it to learn. And not i hardly use it at all unless i see something insane, not to steal but out of curiosity.. the same cusiosity that made me learn flash in the first place.It all depends how u use it and i dont see any fault in the ppl who make flash decompilers. Java has decompilers that work pretty well.. .net has them as well. In fact u can retrive every source and recompile the app is most cases for java and .net. It all depends how the user uses the tool.If anyone can reduce stealing code (i dont see this as a major problem ill mention why later on) it is MM. they can work something into the player they plays encrypted unencrypted files but this would go against SWF being an open format so i think its unlikely.I dont see the stealing as a problem . This is because im used to it, its been around since ASV came out and its been 4 years since (ASV's dont a remarkable job., ) Next ahnntiyg really worth stealing is usually either difficult to debug if you have a problem (no documentation) or is customized to the original developers solution. Simple libraries ported to Flash and other small cool experiments suffer the most i think but if you looked hard online you would find a source file for it anyway .The people who steal are pretty lame anyway . if they go to the extent to steal the look and feel and all the code i dont even know wat to say to them it's so blatant and pathetic but its a fact of life i can decompile most java programs and nearly ever .net program and recompile them. so SWF is another one ok. next issue. we have known about this for a while and nothing has changed.nik
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  • Danny 2013-11-15 21:51:50 Says:
    This is really great! A best ptcarices or guide for creating search friendly SWFs would be super handy. For example, what kind of text boxes are readable? Do they have to be the newer TFL text boxes, which have 'read only', 'selectable' or 'editable' as options?Or can they be the Classic text boxes? Classic can be 'static' or 'dynamic' (dynamic having selectable as an option).I think a great deal of my SWFs start out 'empty' until the Actionscript calls for the content to load. I've got some cases where the URLs are unique and the Title is created when the SWF loads. If I list all of those URLs in a sitemap.xml, will Google read the Titles of the pages before or after the SWF loads and changes them. If the text content is dynamic, coming from an XML file, will Google see the page after it loads so that all the content is in place?Anyway, this is very exciting!! Flash is only getting better and it's very cool that Google and Adobe are working together. I can understand why some people knock Flash, it's a compiled language and requires some effort (time and money) to get up to speed. There are still some people with a 1999 view of how Flash is used, but that's not really a surprise. I'm a fan of standards and all kinds of good web design approaches. To quote a very pro-standards guy (J. Keith) - "In truth, there are no bad technologies. There are just bad uses of a technology"
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