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How to Design a Simple Preloader by ActionScript
2009-08-08 21:04:25
The following is an example of a simple preloader. While you access the page, a "Loading..." message appears until the flash movie has finished loading.

Steps: (take reference of the preload.sqf file available in the source file.)1. Launch Sothink SWF Quicker. 2. In the blank document, rename Layer 1 as Bottom Border, add a keyframe in Frame 1 to place a background border. 3. Create a new layer 2, rename it as Banner Frame, and add a keyframe in Frame 1 to put a banner. (Now a background frame in layers 1 (Bottom Border) and 2 (Banner Frame) has finished.) 4. Add another layer 3, rename it as Preloader. Create a movie clip ("mc") in Frame 1. In the example, a very simple movie clip is used with 3 layers: a layer containing text explaining what was happening, and 2 layers for a masking effect with the word "Loading ....". It is to display the preloading message before the flash movie is completely downloaded. 5. Add layer 4 and rename it as Main Movie to place the main movie in Frame 4. When all movie frames loaded, the main movie shall start. 6. Add layer 5 and rename it as Text. Use Text tool to input %. And use Text tool again to draw a text block. Set this block text as "Dynamic" and input "textvar" in Var box. 7. Finally add an action layer consisting of the following 3 key frames: Action Layer - key frame 1 action script: Code:
if (_framesloaded >= _totalframes) {gotoAndPlay (3);

} else {

_root.textvar = int((_framesloaded/_totalframes)*100);

Action Layer - key frame 2 action script: Code:


Action Layer - key frame 135 action script (the last frame in the example movie):



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