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How to edit various FLV video files in Adobe Premiere
2009-10-19 03:20:08

The FLV video is the widely accepted video format for sharing video file on the Internet. Yet, the FLV video is not editable as easily as other video formats, especially the AVI. This article is to show you how to import various FLV files into Adobe Premiere for further editing.

Watching YouTube video has become an indispensable part of our Internet life. With a number of FLV downloading tools emerging, more and more people prefer to download and reedit the YouTube videos in their own style. However, there is not such a tool that can deal with FLV editing perfectly so far.

YouTube video is in the FLV format, which is highly compressed and thus is different from other video formats. Someone thinks that FLV video file is not editable in itself. When they want to edit the FLV, they would like to convert it to other video format first, such as AVI or MPG. The preparation for the editing seems like a complex process. What’s more, the key frames lost in the FLV compression will not be reproduced after converting to other less compressed formats. The added frames you see in it are just the repeated frames of the compressed FLV. So it is not wise enough to experience such inconvenience before editing FLV files.

Now, things are different, the FLV editing function is available in Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 with Moyea FLV Importer plug-in. This FLV importer plug-in has wide efficiency in application, supporting On2 VP6 and H.263 video codecs, and RAW, Nellymoser, MP3, ADPCM and RAWLE audio codecs.

With this importer plug-in, you can easily import FLV files into Adobe Premiere Pro projects, and edit and compose the FLV files with other movie clips or video clips on the timeline, and finally export files of any video formats.

The steps will be demonstrated as follows:

Firstly, you should import the YouTube video files into Adobe Premiere. When you have installed this plug-in, you can directly import the target YouTube FLV video like the following:
edit flv in adobe premiere

Secondly, you can drag them to the timeline for editing, compile a lot of YouTube video files into one, and you can edit the YouTube video files along with other video files.
edit flv

Thirdly, when all the editing is done, you can choose to export to FLV file and appreciate your fancy YouTube video.

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