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How to extract audio from FLV video to WMA
2009-10-05 08:24:14

FLV to WMA converter is a batch FLV conversion tool specially desiged for Zune users or windows media player. As Zune support WMA audio formats. With it, you can free extract Audio from FLV video files and convert FLV audio to WMA without quality loss. Sometimes, in order to save Zune space, We may do some adjust in bit rate and in channel, this FLV to WMA converter also has this super feature, So just feel free to download this tool. Knowledge tips :What is WMA Windows Media Audio. An audio compression format similar to mp3, but with digital rights management(copyprotection and usage retriction) built-in by microsoft.

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Step by Step guide: How to convert FLV to WMA with this super FVL to WMA converter

Step 1: If you want to convert FLV audio to WMA from youtube, google video, Ifilm, Myspace and other FLV video site, firstly, you need download firefox extender in order to download FLV videos to your local hard disk, more infomation, reffering to this guide: How to download youtube video and save video youtube on your computer If you already have FLV files stored on your computer, then just jump to the second step.

Step 2: Free download FLV to WMA Converter and launch it. the interface is as follows:

flv to wma converter

Step 3: Click add flv to wma button to input FLV file(s), Click to add FLV file(s) to the program from folder. (Note: FLV files must be stored in a folder(d:/FLVfiles for example), As this flv to wmv converter may not be able to find the FLV files if you directly save it uder root categrogy(C:/, D:/, E:/... for example)). You can also open the import file dialog box by double-clicking the blank field of the file list, you may face a dialog box to select a folder, and then FLV files will show up on the file list. Select a file on the file list to preview the file and decide the files to be converted. Then check the files you want to convert and click "OK" button.

Step 4: In the file list, left click the FLV file to be converted, the preview video screen may auto play the selected FLV file, just click pause button, then click the down arrow converting-flv-to-wma.gif, Choose: "WMA Video:NO VIDEO - 320 x 240 pixs,Original fps,800 bps; Audio:wma - 44100 hz,standard stereo,128000 bps." you can also set it by yourself by choose export type as WMV Then click the folder button, select the destination folder you want the converted MPEG to store. online-flv-to-wma.gif

Step 5: Click convert-flv-to-wma.gifbutton. Then the Converting FLV to WMA process shall be looked like this free-flv-to-wma.gif

After successful converting FLV to WMA, the file shall be stored on the folder you have previously selected. With this powerful FLV to WMA converter, not only converting FLV to WMA . you can also convert FLV to almost all popular video formats. Just Free download and enjoy it. Besides Converting FLV to WMA , FLV to WMA converter also Supports Almost all FLV files by various codecs. FLV to WMA converter is an ideal FLV audio converter which can perfectly convert FLV files by On2 VP6 FLV, Nellymoser FLV, and Sorenson Spark FLV


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