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How to merge/join FLV F4V files into one file?
2009-08-08 21:04:25
FLV Editor Ultimate is the most useful FLV editor which enables you to do any thing you like to FLV files. You can take it as an FLV/F4V joiner, FLV/F4V splitter, FLV/F4V cutter, FLV/F4V trimmer, FLV to lossless SWF converter, and MP3 to lossless FLV converter. With all thoughtful designs, you can not only edit the clips with buttons on Timeline Toolbar, but also with selections of undo, redo, trim blank, rename selected clip on right click menu on Timeline. What FLV Editor can do for you? 1. Combine FLV F4V files encoded with H.264, H.263, Flash 8, or Flash 8 with alpha. 2. Extract FLV audio or video. Or replace the original FLV audio. 3. Trim FLV/F4V/MP3 to get the desired segment. 4. Generate SWF and HTML files for uploading website and blog. 5. Save FLV/F4V files as .mft project for further editing. Step by step guide: How to Combine FLV, F4V files, Free Merge/Join/Connect/Combine multiple flash video FLV files into one big file with timeline? Step 1: Download and install FLV Editor on your PC, then youĺll see the friendly user-interface as below: FLV Editor Step 2: Import your FLV, F4V, or MP3 files that wanted to be edited to FLV editor. Free FLV Editor Step 3: Drag your original FLV files to the Timeline and arrange the order by dragging each edge of .flv file. Join flv Step 4: Export your source FLV files to new FLV or SWF file by click Export FLV or Export SWF icon on the top menu. Free FLV Editor Buy Now Download FLV Editor Ultimate trial version

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