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How to merge FLV files free?
2009-10-09 08:47:35

More and more Flash video fans are happy to download the online FLVs to their own PC. And thus they can enjoy them without the annoying buffering. One of my friends is a soap play fan, and she often downloads FLV soap plays. But the shortcoming is that she can't watch them at one time without breaks, and there are too many files for a single play. Here I'm offering a nice solution which won�t cost you a penny. All you need is to download and install the clean freeware here. You can not only merge several pieces of FLV clips into one play, but also make your own video collection album with music you like. Now let's see the easy steps.

free flv editor

  • Import FLV files for edit.

You can import your local FLV files by selecting the Import FLV button. (It is not recommended to choose Open FLV button, since only single file is allowed to open at one time.)

free merge flv

You can also import from your IE Cache by clicking Import FLV (from IE Cache button). By clicking FLV on the list, you can preview the FLV before importing.

join flv free

  • Edit FLV---merge FLV files into a single FLV.

All files selected will be placed in Resource List of the FLV editor, also FLV joiner. You can double click the FLV on the list to preview. Drag the FLV files to Timeline one by one for editing. By clicking the Play button on preview pane, you can play the FLV files on Timeline. Tips:

  • On the Timeline Toolbar, there are several buttons to edit the FLV file. You can click the Link button to join the files, so that you can move them together. To split them, you can click the Unlink button.
  • If you are making a video album with several FLV clips, and would like to replace the audio, you can select the file on Timeline and click Unlink to rip the FLV audio and video. And then, you can delete the original FLV audio and import a new FLV audio or MP3.
  • To delete the unwanted parts, you can use Scissor button to cut and click 'X' to delete the selected part.
  • You can trim the FLV by dragging the trimmer at the start or end of the files on Timeline.

  • Export FLV

No matter how many FLV files you placed on Timeline, they will be exported as a merged FLV. All you need to do is clicking the Export FLV button on main Toolbar. You can set the export folder, export filename, and export type. You are also able to select whether to open Export Folder after finish and add FLV to Moyea FLV to Video Converter Pro 2 (free trial). The option of add FLV to Media Library is not available in this Beta version. Click Start, and you will get the mergeed FLV in seconds.

merge flv files

Quite easy, right? But the most attractive thing is that all what you are using are totally free of charge. So enjoy your FLV movie without any breaks now. What's more, this program also enables you to add information to the FLV in Metadata section. For flash fans, it even offers way to add cue point for more exciting effects.

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